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Why does it say there are Mac and Linux versions available? Only a Windows build is included.

Can we not have the house blowing up every time I click play? Thanks.

Requesting a Mac version of this software, it will not run in Wine due to the fact that Nvidia hardware does not exist for Mac. I don't even see the requirement for Nvidia hardware in the first place? Alternatively, you could direct me to another Mac software that provides the same function.

Hi, I'm stuck on the highway with no idea where to use the Utility Room Key. I picked up a map, but it did not appear in my inventory and I don't know how to access it.

Great atmosphere, but it is a little too hard to find things sometimes, especially before you find the flashlight. I wish Slenderman would appear more often and follow you as an actual threat, instead of just popping up once as a jumpscare (I didn't see him until I had already got 8/8 and was near the exit).

Like I said, I have neither of those.

I don't have a joystick. Please make a keyboard version.