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Thank you for the video and feedback! You can certainly add me! I will try to sort it out

Love the reaction :p

Visuals and sound are quite nice!

Only missing some visuals for the intro, buttons and most importantly some sort of meter for how hard you are jumping (maybe even an arrow pointing where you are going to jump or even make the eyes look at your pointer).

Sometimes my frog jumped the wrong way from where my pointer was.

Other than that it's a short solid game, nice work!

Loved the reaction haha!

Cool video and thank you for the feedback!!

Thank you for your video and feedback! 

Thank you for the notice!

Hey Peter, I'm pleasantly surprised with how your game turned out!

I really appreciate the effort you guys put into the game, thanks for showing it to me!

Have a good one!

Haha loved the reaction, thank you for playing!

Thank you for the feedback, really enjoyed the video and your reaction haha!

Wow, that's really weird... the game itself is really needy so I think it has to do with that

Still thank you for playing/letting us know!

Thank you for playing and I really appreciate the feedback, you got some good point idd!
Take Care!

For now, you can contact me through this post as I don't have any social media set up atm... till then!

Wow, I'm really surprised by this!
You surelly have my consent, but do send me a link as I look forward to your recreation, thank you!

Really enjoyed the video and the feedback you gave us, thank you alot

Appreciate the comment! ^^

Glad to hear you liked it!
Appreciate the comment, Thanks!

Thanks for playing!

Thank you for letting us know, we will update it! ^^