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Wait, i'm such an idiot. I figured it out lol

Why are some actions locked with a lil thing like C10 or T10. Do i just need to play the game longer or are they in development?

lol try again and see what happens if you want to refuse :

Also, I'm hoping to be able to buy the extra levels soon (Just waiting until I can find a job). Your game was really fun otherwise :)

Was it a puppet looking guy? bc if that was who it is then nvm i saw him XD

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I feel like a cheater DX i used the inspect tool bc i had spent roughly an HOUR trying to figure out the codes. I never would have guess them otherwise and I'm so sorry Future Games. I only managed to complete both levels with both codes, but i don't know if i found the screamer or not bc idk what was happening XD

lol a being bit extra aren't ya mate?

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lol i feel like after so many questions id eventually be like "Meh, this movie isn't that interesting ig.."

Edit: Sadly I am stuck on the initial "Loading..." page. Idk why but nothing is happening after  click the link

Patience lol. took me a couple tries but if your careful but quick you can make it

If you say No it takes you to a screen that says "Your not funny, Your lack of humor has brought you here, so now your stuck, unless you know the secret code." I'm trying to figure out the code right now lol

is that SCP 096?

Nah its cool lol. But it doesn't really a bug. XD It looked like there was a hidden easter egg or something. Idk if you know where I'm talking about but it's the screen that says "Your not funny, Your lack of humor has brought you here, so now your stuck, unless you know the secret code." 

bro whyyy???I just want to read comment ssssss

What is the secret code? It happens when you type "inappropriately" to Et3rnal Friend then say no when he asks if your sorry. I tried a few different things but nothing seems to work lol

So this is how Sweetums makes their food so addictive

The secret ingredient is c a n n i b l i s m

but did you stab her?

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When i first played this i didn't know you could refuse and saw this comment and was confused. a few months later i realized what it meant lmao

I truly can't tell if your kidding about the captcha lol, but i wouldn't be surprised, looking at this makes me want to throw my computer at the wall :)

My favorites:

gay fox creature

asexual swamp wizard 

trickster cave demon

Evil mushroom puppy (this is a lie. no puppy is evil!)

genderfluid ice mage

obnoxious trash creature.

This had to be my favorite name generator ever. Kudos to the creator!

fvcking same dude. I feel like i should go confess this to a Father as a sin DX

is there like....a way to win or...? Cuz I just keep getting the same two endings haha....Also I just want to apologize to jesus... IK this is not him...but still...

altho, just a side note, I had absolutely no idea what i was doing with the paintings, i just walked around until something happened (didn't take long, just really confused)

that was amazing.

the thing that stuck with me is the "we all are all influencing others" (not verbatim) and the "we all have a piece of everyone" (not verbatim. Idk i guess for me, it just goes with the message that we are all made in the image of Christ, and if that is the case, the we are all the same ya know?

I think maybe adding (if you can) a setting for that? Maybe a fast, medium and slow type thing? Don't worry to much! I would rather wait for an excellent produce then have one that isn't at it's full potential!

Also I hope you stay healthy and safe!

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I just wanted to mention, everytime I finished reading, the text would show up like right after i finished the last word, and let me tell you that was trippy as heck. I kept trying to see if i would beat the time, but it was always exactly at the moment i would finish. Are you sure you don't have some high tech software that can identify when someone is done reading? haha

I have reached the end. I am disappointed, but it was so well made, i almost felt like i was there!