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FARA community · Created a new topic Easy mode

I wish there was an “easy mode”, where you can respawn at Relica after death with your items. This is because it is very discouraging, pouring hours into the game, particularly for a new player, only to discover you weren't powerful enough for the Colosseum. I don't feel like this game is worth restarting over and over again for casual players, as to start getting good items to make adventuring safe takes at least a few hours.

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Finally killed the last boss.

I got all items minus one.

Tip: Get all armour, get best weapon (20 attk) get best shield (15 def) get best bow (6 attk).

Jump, and hit middle just before flames. Don't touch him otherwise 17 damage!

Any tips how to defeat the final boss?

Changing the letters to jkl works. J for jump. K fut cut (attack). L for Longbow!

When I get a new weapon, the message telling me about the weapon never goes away and it blocks the whole screen!! How to fix?


The black box moves as if it were the character.

I can only see a black box on lvl 5

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I defeated all 3 bosses, but with number 3 I could take each soldier one at a time. Is that intended?

Help: always stay as close to the enemy as possible. Get in a rhythm, usually: parry, parry attack, parry, parry attack etc.

It's a nice game! Maybe you could make the speech dialogues stay, one can go through the tree of possibilities.

I didn't realise I could dash up. would be useful to have a sign in the graveyard-house.

I liked the game. Maybe the dialogue with Ao about feeling suffocated could be made mandatory instead of optional.

Yes, but it was empty.

What do I do after the penguin is killed? No one is at the graveyard.

I also have this problem.

Bug: clicking on contain twice means discarding twice as many citizens.

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Best cake: 1340 :P