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A member registered Dec 24, 2016

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I've tried three times now. I die of thirst before getting enough scrap metal to build a water purifier and can. Either thirst is depleting way too quickly, scrap has too low of a spawn rate, or the spread of items is too scattered.

The shark is also attacking my raft within the first two minutes of a game starting. I don't even get a chance to expand before having to rebuild what he's broken.

So I'm forced to either expand first, which takes metal to make a hammer, delaying how soon I can get drinkable water. Make a spear to fight off the shark which also requires metal. Or I ignore the shark completely, focus on getting drinkable water but end up left with one foundation to huddle on and hope the shark doesn't come back before I can rebuild.

It's a great idea and looks fun. I just can't survive long enough to actually start enjoying the game.