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Oh, ok :)

The dumps are a bit too expensive. Its best if the price is about 500. Sorry for not giving feedback after a while!

This only happened in the downloadable build.

Controller support would be nice to have.

The health looks like it doesn't show correctly. The first time I die, it looks like I lost 2 lives.

Oh, and by the way! The game is pretty nice but the lives are a bit weird. Thanks for the game though!

Oops nevermind I found it.

Excuse me but what is the name of the assets you used in this game?

Excuse me but what is the name of the assets you used in this game?

Excuse me but what is the name of the asset you used?

What are the name of the assets in your game? I think this is made with assets because I saw the art in another game.

Amazing game! But the local multiplayer doesn't seem to work for me?

I really like the game so far, and the fact that you update almost everyday is really cool. But a small suggestion: the houses should be abandoned at random instead of a fixed timer. Because I was playing and then suddenly I saw all my houses get darkened at the same time. Thanks for the game, though!

Amazing game that you have here. Although the local multiplayer doesn't work for me, its a really great and solid game. The controls are responsive and fluid, and the enemies each have their own challenges

The game is pretty cool for something to pass time. But the pace is really slow. I would love to see you develop this game further. Can you please add more buildings, or maybe even an environment?