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The Dark Mind

A member registered May 14, 2018

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Really fun game! Difficult but I enjoy how it works! :)

Grrrrrrr I got sooo close! The Principal is a big turd! Your game is a blessing and a curse I swear! </3

My third and certainly not last gameplay of your game! Addicting to play as well as to record! Thank you for replying to me by the way, I like to interact with developers and their games. Would totally be down to play more game by you!

Made another video on your game! Fantastic! The people love it, so thank you for making it! :)

I made a short 'lil video on your game. Please give it a look! Thanks! :)

Hey there! This is an amazingly spooky! I gave it a spin on my YouTube channel. I would love to hear from you, thanks!