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Great work! Really enjoyed playing this game.
Amazing demo! Can't wait to see how you expand on this concept.
Hope to see some more to the story in the future.
Keep up the great work!

Can't wait to see it! We will keep an eye out for it.

Played this game a while back!
REALLY scared me.
can't wait for future updates on this game.
keep up the amazing work

Had the privilege to play this awesome game a while back!
Reminds me a lot of Wolfenstein and DOOM, which is always a great formula for FPS games.
BUT this game kicks it up a notch with it's 80's style design, enemies, and great variety of weapons!
Really enjoyed playing this game, PLEASE keep on creating!

Played this game a while back.
Great game! Interesting concept.
After playing this game, I feel like I can cover up a murder if I have too.
Lol jk.
Keep up the good work!
We will totally look forward into trying more games in the future.

Hell yeah! I can't wait. Keep up the good work man!
I will definitely be trying it out when it's released.

I said it once and I will say it again this game is a masterpiece!
This game is funny as fuck!
Has a real B-Horror kinda feel to it
Which sets it apart from any other game!
Still need to play your dungeon crawler though.
Hope to see more soon!

Played this game a while back and it really scared the crap out of me!
The amazing graphics and eerie feel makes this overall great horror experience!
Keep on spooking!

This game is a masterpiece!!
Hilarious to play and very funny to watch the caretakers fly through the room.
We will be checking out more of your games for sure!
Keep up the amazing work.

Game was really fun and spooky to play!
Some of the noises spooked me lol.
Can't wait to try other games you guys have created :D
Keep up the great work!

Just started this game a few days ago and it was great! :D
I am loving the story so far. I haven't finished it yet.
Story is well written and I can't wait to finish it soon.
Keep up the great work!

Great game! Played this game a while back. We really enjoyed it and felt like it was unique due to the voice recognition. Keep up the amazing work!

P.S. Sorry if we butchered the name in the video lol. 

Oh that's awesome,  we can't wait to try it out!!

Great gaMe! It was short, sweet, and straight to the point. Hope You got an A in your class. we will be looking forward to play more games from you. Keep up the good work :D