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Cool stuff! 


Excellent movement, cool age system, randomly generated dungeons.


Control scheme, seemingly random items?, strange death sound lol 

Excellent! Yes I wanted to do some of those, but my knowledge in Unity is still kind of novice to intermediate. I didn't even think of having the fishing pole as a hookshot, that seems so obvious now. Thank you thats all good stuff! 

Dangit Thoof, this is too good! This might be one of my favorite jam games ever. 

Simple, but super fun! I really like the sprites they are nice and clean.

I really like the idea! Maybe an intro or something to explain the game?

Right! I wanted it to be similar to QWOP or Getting over it 

Very cool! I like the UI and level design. I kind of wish it had a healthbar instead of a reset mechanic because I almost got to the end of the level and it reset! 

Everything in this is amazing. You guys make a great team!

Very well put together! I feel like someone could get really good at it.

The jumps and the animation felt so solid to me. I also really like the aesthetic of it.

Rad! I think this is a great use of the theme both gameplay-wise and music-wise.

Well I wasn't scared of that happening before, thanks for that.

Yes! I really wanted to have random daily events, but ran out of time during the jam. The direction does impact, but only by around 50 turns at most.