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Hey there, this game was very fun, it reminds me of playing games as a kid on the snes and game boy, using the ball to defeat enemies and solve puzzles what an amazing idea, and if you made it into a longer game I would be happy to play it, nicley done!

Hey, this game was really fun, I liked it alot, sometimes, when i entered a room, there would be an enemy right under me, also the combat was fun, but i did feel like i was fighting the same enemys over and over, maybe you could start the enemys with a lower shoot rate when being shot, that way it will feel like they are getting stronger over time, as the player develops the skill of dodging and shooting at the same time, it would be like he being tested as the enemys get harder, and also wont get annihilated the first time he comes across that enemy, i loved the level up system, that was very well done, it makes me want to play it again and again, i didint beat it yet, but i plan too. Excellent work!

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hey, so I was chopping down some trees, and why they got destroyed they left behind part of the sprite, I could walk over it, but it was like parts of the trees were still left over. It only happened once, but I figured you would wanna know.

Hey, love the game! I wish there was a way to increase how much energy he has, maybe dig up half hearts or something? its just a thought. Good job on the game by the way, its really fun exploring!