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hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm how

This comment is me expressing my rage:

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wow dude good try at roasting something that was made in 2 days.

holy fuck is that Karlson in Dani's game

Did you use unitys P A R T I C L E S Y S T EM for this

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This looks really good! I'm so exited for the next version! The game is looking really good right now.

Also I'm a developer myself, your the main inspiration for me and why became a game developer. Thank you.

EDIT: I just want to say that this game is awesome and I'm so exited for the next version!!

lololllololoolo ollooolollllllolll

holy fuck it be toast

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Also I would love to see Silent dark in the unity engine If you have enough skill to pull that off since I didn't have a chance to play It.

I would also also, would like to see Light Bulb as well, I think that would be epic to see It in the unity engine.


The also also is not a grammar mistake.

One thing I just think is annoying Is that there Is NO QUIT BUTTON. Please add a quit button I have to use task manager every time. BUT STILL ITS A GREAT GAME!

Also this Is correct grammar.  For people wondering.

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QUESTION: what engine did you use for this?

just interested lol


also better version coming on April 10th 2020

haha yes

this is my worst fear when it comes  to economic concerns.

Also I cant do a 2D rpg cause I have a slow windows 8 computer that can barely run a game on max graphics and or Unity 2D or 3D. So thats why I use batch script and also its simple to use and easy to learn and remember. And I have NO IDEA how to use Java Script, LUA, and C-sharp, and any other language other that batch script.

also I didn't/forgot that I have to test the dowload for mac since I dont own a mac and cant test the download or even see if it has notepad and batch script abilities.

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Ok! and also I was dumb so I forgot to remove some colors (For dev puposes and organizing endings) and also I am planning to make a better version/sequel to the game as I dont feel good enough about it. Sorry for the misunderstanding. :\

Also saw your profile you said "whats the meaning of in a nutshell" are you dumb or something?

Also I'm the creator and this is not helpful for feedback.

Have you even played the game? because if you did, then you would not be as confused. Also this is a game but it is not at the same time.

Also I played it 3 times just for the memes. there is definitely something wrong with me.

Flat out the best "horror" game I've ever played, 10/10!