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Gives me Stanley's Parable vibes. I really liked it :)

You added the diamond cards!

Loved that you had to collect the bullets for the survival ending! This game has a nice art style as well, would love to play more games like this.

Love this! If anyone plays this, make sure you revisit old items! It'll help you prevent getting stuck :)

I'm super duper late to the party, but I clicked the DVD player and there's a key!

Love this! The style is really pretty and as others have said, the concept is really intriguing.

I'm super late to the party, but I traced the white on the lego picture and got the number :) I had to fill it in with MS Paint LOL

The art style is gorgeous! Thank you for such a peaceful play :)

Same here! It was really funny to hear the frustration in their voice.

I have had so much fun with this adorable, plant-lover-oriented game! I appreciate the dev so so much, as I now have some realistic background noise for studying while I take care of my beautiful leafy babies. It's customizable, cute, and just a hidden gem overall. Best wishes to the sweet creator who let us have this treasure for free.

Of course! I know the effort it takes to create things like this and I can't wait to see more of your stuff in the future. Take care :)

Love your art style! This made me laugh is super cute :)

This is so cute! I really enjoyed the if-then part, as a fellow programmer, it was quite humorous. Also! I actually have the little white bag with the cactus on it! It was funny to see something I owned depicted in a game I happened to find. I really love this art style and hope to play more of your stuff.

Thanks for this 7am relaxing game! :)

I still was unable to win, but this game is so addictive! I love games like this, simple but enough to get your adrenaline running.

Cooking, a cute doggo, and typing practice... this game is awesome! It's such an adorable, simple-to-play, fun game. Thank you!

Loved this puzzle game! It took me a little while to understand how to play, but then I stopped trying to speedrun the levels and found it really relaxing and fun. I love boba tea and definitely feel that tea/tapioca ratio struggle for sure! Thank you for such a pretty game :)

So cute! I joined the discord and have two lovely little cats who keep me company on my desktop while I'm missing the non-virtual ones back home. New users, make sure to extract the file and join the discord to become a beta tester. Great job, creator! Thank you for this adorable buddy.

sitting on the desktop

sitting on the file explorer

I like the simple gameplay! The concept is cute and funny; it never fails to make me laugh when the plants start to transform into monsters and the sales price drastically decreases as I panic to click the sell button.

101! Cute game, loved the simple design :)