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Ok. I am lost. I cannot find any video or tutorial related to the game I am trying to accomplish. Please make a video on Construct 2. I really wanna brag to my friends. (Okay, friend) The thing I am stuck on the most is pop-ups and menus.

One more thing, sorry. Did you use Construct 2 for this game, and what template did you use, if any.

Sorry for the delay, I haven't been at my computer for awhile. I am making it in construct, and it would be my first non-text based game. I'm thinking about a tycoon game, or something like that. Also, I have a suggestion for your game. Can you make it so you can hire people, and move into different offices and buildings.

Also, if you have any tips, could you link me to a YT vid or make your own :D

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I am also working on a game, but I need to do some research. Can you tell me any good starting tips or tutorials. Any response would be appreciated. :D

Amazing :D