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Hmm seems like a great game, but is there something wrong with the Mac version because whenever I download It only goes to Windows and Im assuming its supposed to work for all 3 devices? And its stoping Mac people to play at all

its all good

Hey, Just a little problem but on the mac version you cant save, like at all

Fleshcult community · Created a new topic Mac?

Will there ever be a MAC version

I can tell from the hour that Ive played this game it took you alot of effort, it kinda sucks people stopped playing at the transformation part, and I kinda understand where there coming from. But apart from that You have a really good game and I salute to you bud :)

I know that other person already said such, But I kinda hoped there was a way to not get transformed but no. No matter what you do, you always end up dead and becoming a girl not to say thats a bad thing but when its forced that becomes a whole other issue

Wait, Im confused I filled in info for Landlord but still get land lady?

well I got the SMEXY ending

well...this is quite a game..unique. I like it

Just a question, why does the "School is hellish 2" link not work? I keep pressing play and jack is happening?

Is it possible this will be on android in the future or web/tab