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Will there every be a mac version

I cant wait for the Dom date for marky

Hey so I dont think the discord is working, but where are the locations of tyr and kirk during the blood moon

oh my god, figured it out Im dumb, disregard this message

also wanted to say, love the game Im just ranting becuase I just feel realllly lost

holy hell, I dont know if Im just a new level of bad or what, used to be good at this game but came back and cant beat lv 4, mp being reduced to 4 and having an enemy that can heal 8hp and damge 8hp seems crazy, seeming as I could only possible do 10 damage per turn. Yet not have the insane heal boost (keep in mind I have every weakness so far in lv 3, so its not like Im not using em) Just seems like something happened an a update cuz I cant beat this game lv. And I clear each floor before continuing so Im at hp 35 by the time I get to floor 3, yet I still cant beat it

god thiago is kinda hot, would it be possible to connect with him in the future or no?

ah so I guss if I looked at wiki it seems that you can only get with 4 people per main character :/ shame

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Hey, so I bought this game on Xbox, and honestly I'm a bit confused. I played Malik as my main character, and I only have 5 date choices I thought it would be possible to date everyone( becuse Im trying to do all the male routes- like arahia to keaton) but it seems like Im totally locked out??? . also on Xbox its constantly on trial mode

Hmm seems like a great game, but is there something wrong with the Mac version because whenever I download It only goes to Windows and Im assuming its supposed to work for all 3 devices? And its stoping Mac people to play at all

its all good

Hey, Just a little problem but on the mac version you cant save, like at all

Fleshcult community · Created a new topic Mac?

Will there ever be a MAC version

I can tell from the hour that Ive played this game it took you alot of effort, it kinda sucks people stopped playing at the transformation part, and I kinda understand where there coming from. But apart from that You have a really good game and I salute to you bud :)

I know that other person already said such, But I kinda hoped there was a way to not get transformed but no. No matter what you do, you always end up dead and becoming a girl not to say thats a bad thing but when its forced that becomes a whole other issue

Wait, Im confused I filled in info for Landlord but still get land lady?

well I got the SMEXY ending

well...this is quite a game..unique. I like it

Just a question, why does the "School is hellish 2" link not work? I keep pressing play and jack is happening?

Is it possible this will be on android in the future or web/tab