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I was enjoying the game quite a fair bit. gorgeous pixelated artwork, solid story, great music, good atmosphere until I encountered a game breaking bug at the police station. after going inside to question the officer the game keeps kicking me back out side to before I have even spoken to him. so sadly for me I can no longer progress any further.

want to try this out because I quite like the look of it but sadly it refuses to work for me I open the game and go to hit play and nothing happens and none of the other menu options work either. the only thing I could click on was that face in the bottom left hand corner.

would love to play this but there is no executable

would love to play this but every time I got to hit start the game lingers on a black screen for a few moments and then proceeds to crash

well the game looked really well done for a joke parody of skyrim but what immediately threw me off right of the bat was the insanely high mouse sensitivity and with there being no way to change it the game is unfortunately unplayable for me.

gpu and my specs are as follows and as i said the menu worked flawlessly 16gb of ram 16gb of onboard memory and a 4gb 750gt

while I was quite  interested in trying this out I can not seem to get the game to work, I mean the game downloads fine and the menu works but when I go to hit play it lingers on the menu whilst music plays in the background.

when can we expect another update its been more then a year now

the artwork is the great and I like the concept and the professor that guides you through it did a good job and I know that you're probably not going to read this but the reason why I can not recommend it is that for me the game is virtually unplayable to just how ludicrously low the mouse sensitivity is to the point that I have to drag my mouse just to be able to so much as do a 180 degree turn which just completely destroys any immersion and judging by the description  there appears to be no way to increase it. which sucks because it looked really damn good.