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This was actually pretty cool! However, sometimes the book would shoot and the gun would give tips, etc.

Just a room, find the key and open the door. Could have used some spooky sounds or jumpscares to give it some excitement.

Interesting story.

Absolutely GREAT!

Absolutely great.

Very creative!

Another fun exploration game with minor challenges and well placed spooks. I enjoyed playing!

Looking good! Nice and creepy 😮🤪

Here's the original demo if you haven't seen it yet!

Creepy. Kept me on my toes.

DIA @ 44:24

Fun and spooky at the end. The endings were not really different enough, but I like the concept!

Don't Trust @ 34:08

Interesting game. I like the web search mechanics, but I got glitched and stuck just before going to flick the lights!

I'm Still Here @ 26:57

Fun little game.

Lights Out @ 20:31

Fun little game. Keep improving your skills! 

The Upside Down @ 14:18


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Forgotten Tunnels 1 and 2 (@12:07)

Forgotten Tunnels 1 and 2

Lawang Sewu - Basement B on JasonJason Gaming!

There's something present in this apartment and it has not taken a liking to you. In this free indie horror game by Rock Da Nut, sneak your way around without upsetting "IT" too much. Find your way through to the other rooms before it's too late!

SOPHIE has returned to the classroom in this free indie horror game by Goblineware. Examine the clues quickly or she's bound to grow angry. Can you figure out how to escape? TIME is running out!

Great for a Halloween Special Livestream!

Great for a Halloween Special Livestream!

Great for a Halloween Special Livestream!

Great for a Halloween Special Livestream!

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Great for a Halloween Special Livestream!

Great for a Halloween Special Livestream!


Terrifying screams lead you to a strange location. There's horror lurking in these woods. But you must locate the house. Something terrible is about to happen. Find the house fast and don't turn back!

While at work the other day I experienced some form of paranormal that I cannot explain. Something was watching me. Fear began to fill the room. I had to keep working. I couldn't let it stop me.

Explore a fairly short, interesting foray into the false premise of privacy. Are you alone? Or is someone always WATCHING? Experience the dramatic and emotional stories told from those who hide behind the walls. But is peeping Gale worthy of journalism? There are some moments in life that should just be kept private.

This short University project showcases a seemingly deserted cabin in the woods and a few eerie sounds. But there seems to be something - or someone - in there with you...

(SCARIER THAN YOU THINK) Head back to the Church in this indie horror game. A simple search and locate turns out to be a JUMPSCARE NIGHTMARE! Poppy is taller than you think, and he's playing games at the cemetery. Get ready for some fun frights in this HEART POUNDING experience!

Sometimes fear cannot be seen; fear is always present; FEAR is inevitable. Can you hide from your fears? Put your cunning to the test in this indie hide and seek horror game. Only for those who choose to embrace the impending terror.

She's lost her way. You must help her return to her father. Experience artistic presentations of fear, loneliness, anxiety, and hope as you navigate the uncertain path ahead. Behold a beautiful walking simulator in LAST SUMMER with subtle horror elements.

This indie horror game will keep your heart beating. Are you a killer? What happened to your family? The line between fate and reality starts to blur. Nothing begins to make sense. Can you identify who you are and what you've done?

Home. You're in search of something. Innocent memories become nightmares. Thoughts turn into terror. You hear it right next to you - but is it real? Can you escape the illusions in this indie horror game?

WOW! Great game, I was really impressed. I'll be uploading a video soon. I just wanted to let you know that I could not click on the poster at the end on the dining room table. I reloaded from the bathroom and the second time around I had the hand icon for a second then it changed and I couldn't click on it. Third time around i just looked down at the floor then rapid fire clicked as I looked at the poster and it worked.

Overall, some very creative scares and the ambiance was fantastic. 👻👍

It's a fairly simple task. Finish the job and head home. But don't be fooled, terror lies ahead in this short indie horror game. The subjects are supposed to be DEAD, but tonight is not like any other night...


You find yourself LOCKED UP inside a house of legitimate horrors. Reality changes around every corner. The terror that lies within will crawl under your skin. Not for the faint of heart. Can you escape this cult of terror?

If you find yourself at RAVEN'S POINT, be prepared to be fooled - mislead - and terrorized by your own nightmares. Characters within your dreams will come and haunt you. This horror game will play tricks on your mind; and soul.