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lol awesome game man made a vid on it last week, keep it up :D 

lol second time having fun with this game on my channel, keep up the good work man 

lol this game was pretty fun 

lol this scared the shit outta me 

No prob, keep up the good work will be looking out for more cool games 

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I made a couple of vids to on this game I really enjoyed it too

Hey man lol I did a video on teeth, it was pretty fun, Keep up the good work man

Hey man made a vid on your game good work, keep it up and that soundtrack tho lol

lol I really enjoyed this man, made a gamplay video on this, you welcome to check it out, keep up the good work man

Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it

hope you guys enjoyed this will be releasing another Issue as soon as I can

cool man keep me posted :D

lol I made a video on this, was pretty good man, you welcome to check it out and

let me know what you think :D

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Hey man played your Game a while Back, very interesting