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I wasn't sure until I started playing this game. Great concept, and creative use of the mechanic throughout the game so far. Looking forward to unraveling the mystery and saving the forest from the Squirrels, they are CLEARLY up to something.

This game serves up Firewatch vibes combined with an inverted color palette art style that few artists ever experiment with.  Its relaxing, but intriguing gameplay will capture your attention as the squirrels slowly drive you NUTS.

Long live the Melmoth Basin!

Congrats on making it to the top Xmas games of 2020!

I felt this was the most Christmasy game I played this year simulating what it would be like to really be the slave driver that Santa is! Thanks for that. Hope you get something nice! 

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Congrats on making it to the top Xmas games of 2020!

Was the night before Christmas, john passed out on the Couch.

Many felines were stirring, scaring a mouse

Tails up in the air, showing great care 

In hopes that a perfect Christmas would soon be there...

Congrats on making it to the top Xmas games of 2020!

Pandora had quite the... interesting Christmas surprise.

Congrats on making it to the top Xmas games of 2020!

Was quite the Wonderland! 

Congrats on making it into the top Xmas games of 2020!

Loved the little Santa guy you used. The animation and look of the game were on point, so sad you didn't have time to add sounds. Wish I would have read that or I wouldn't have been so harsh. ;p 

Congrats on making it into the top xmas games of 2020!

Managed to give me nightmares before Christmas. ;p

Choo Choo! This trip is totally off the rails!  I loved the ending, all tracks lead to this case being solved! 

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Barely through Chapter 2 in this first part, but loving it so far!  Giving me classic Point and Click vibes.  Hope all my voices are spot on! 

SAM MY MAN!  You gotta build this out into a full experience, I loved it!

No Choice You Say...

They Don't Have Choice? ...We Sure?

That last level almost drove me to scribble a hate letter. XD

I always forget where to hide my food. Thanks to this game, I have more ideas.

Plus I love cherry pie!

Loved it. Short and Sweet.