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I wrote a couple of days ago about how much I enjoyed this game. Very good. here's the playthrough:

I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I played the first doghouse and wasn't too overwhelmed by the quality. This, however, is an incredibly fun game and very well done. Great job. I'm excited for what's to come from you.  

Not here to promote a video. This is perhaps one of the best single player experiences I have played in a long time. There are bugs, but those are fixable. The overall storytelling, atmosphere, and writing are fantastic. Keep it up. I want to see you on a major gaming company one day, or or start one. No bullshit. You have promise.  

Short SCP styled type game to a degree. Even when I knew something was about to happen it was still effective. Good work! 

Really enjoyed this one. Well put together fan game. Mechanics worked well and even has replay ability for a short horror game. Well done.

Enjoyed the mechanics a lot. The loud footsteps of our character kept me on edge, not knowing if someone else would be walking behind me. Pretty good!

Really liked this game. Very polished. I'm not someone who knows all of the lore of SCP games but in general thought the game was spooky, and I was able to have some unique fun with the game. Very well done. 

Liked this one a lot. Atmosphere is nice. Looking forward to your other projects. 


May be the best of all the ones I've played in my series this month. Very good overall. I have critiques but solid and polished are two strong words to describe this game. 


Very good. Went for both endings. Short, sweet, does its job well. 

Unique from the others I've played here. Liked it. Not really "scary" or much lore, but it was fine. Here's my playthrough here: 

Really enjoyed this one. Didn't find everything and struggled to find all the endings, but I thought it was good! Great work. 

Like the concept. Would love to see it expanded upon, but it definitely has potential.

Happy Spooky Month :)

Enjoyed it a lot. Looking forward to an expanded version.

Very much enjoyed this game. The VHS cut tape effect worked very well. Great environment/atmosphere. Really couldn't tell what was going to happen next and was genuinely spooked the entire time. Looking forward to any future projects you might have. 


Actually really enjoyed this one. Definitely has the style and the environment kept me on edge the whole time. Hoping to see this maybe expanded on in the future, and looking forward to checking out your other projects! 

Like the concept. Pretty good. A little too dark (literally not narratively) and was expecting to be chased, but nonetheless enjoyed it. 

Interesting game for sure. Check out my thoughts here 

Love the idea behind the game. I was upset when it ended so quickly. Looking forward to playing your other games!

I have some questions, but didn't mind playing. Can't wait to see more! 

I'm new to PT style games, but this genuinely is well done. (didn't finish because I got stuck and didn't have time to look up how to get past a part) Happy Spooky Month!


It's a fun one! Happy Spooky Month!