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maybe redownload it. if you already did, download the other mac version

Hey Anuke. Ever considered releasing Mindustry on platforms like the nintendo switch? You think it would be possible?

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I can't seem to upload a map. can someone help me please?

the problem I am having is that I can successfully upload the image, but the map screen remains blank. as you can see on the image provided. In this image I just uploaded the map. there were no error messages at all.

yes but that is on the mobile version. on the pc, you have a limited range.

awesome job dude, where can I get it?

you need coal as fuel to make it. I made the same mistake.

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I have a suggestion for a new item. the player teleporter. it runs on power and can teleport the player(s) from one point to another. you can have more teleporters active by switching its colour. it is basically the item teleporter for players. I find this useful because it is really annoying to go all the way to chokepoint caldera and back if something is broken.