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It is a game with potential! I can see there are some glitches however. When I was killed by the giant tube monster I was stuck in virtual limbo! 

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Yes, as long as you can give your game somewhat of a clear sign of ending.  I don't want players to be running around in circles to finish something with no ending.

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1. Yes, it can be a demo(I don't expect complete games), but it must be functional.

2. What I mean is that the game can have a story.  A story is desired, but if you want your game to be 100% gameplay only it won't be questioned.

I hope that answers your questions.

I do not mind. 

Sorry for the wait!

Yes. I think it is an interesting way to handle the genre. As long as it keeps the exploration aspect,  it's fair game! 

Yes, it means the game must be free until the jam is over. 

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Yes, you can do it that way. As long as the game is 2d gameplaywise, the graphics can be in any way you like.

For me it is An Untitled Story. It has a big and content filled world, easy learn but hard to master gameplay and an interesting but non invasive plot. It is also very platformer heavy than action,  which is a plus for me.

Fun fact: Its made by the same people who made Celeste and is free on their website!