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The fact I get to see my last name in the title of a game is cool enough for me haha. I did get stuck with the whole garland thing but other than that this game was very well done! Great job and I look forward to playing more in the future. Game starts at 30:20 in my video if you'd like to check it out!

I really loved how the game evolved with the story in the book, made the game that much better! The elements outside the house we're also well done. Great work all around. The game starts at 22:44 in my video if you'd like to check it out!

When decorating a tree goes wrong haha. I loved the game and the creepy footage at the beginning was awesome! I only wish the game was a little longer but still great job! I look forward to playing more in the future. Game starts at 12:45 in my video if you'd like to check it out!

You never miss a beat when it comes to your games. They're always so much fun to play and this one was no different! Very weird and creepy that I couldn't help but love it! Great work and I look forward to playing more in the future. This game is the first one in my video if you'd like to check it out

This game was very short but a great addition to my first christmas horror video! Even though there was only 1 jump scare it got me pretty good and would like to see more in the future. Game starts at 28:14 in my video if you want to check it out

THIS GAME IS ABSOLUTELY LEGENDARY!! The voice lines in the game we're my most favorite thing and earned this game as being my favorite in the video! I always love your games and hold this one high up there! If you're interested the game starts at 13:12 in my video

I must say this game was an absolute blast to play!! Had the perfect combo of comedy and horror with a cool action ending!! 10/10 great game! Its the first game in my video I made if you want to check it out

This game was so good and scary it deserved a video all to itself!! The atmosphere, the jumpscares, and the plot twist was very well done and really messed with me! Great work and i look foward to playing more games like this.
I made this video if you'd like to check it out and hopefully I did the game justice

wow this game was super creepy and make me question every noise! a really good short scary game. if youre interested in watching my video its the first game i play

THIS!!! This was the scariest game in the video by far!! The jumpscares we're amazing and the ending was so good. 10/10 definitely recommend. if youre interested the game starts  at 19:07

Had to reupload my gameplay of this cause youtube was being youtube. But super great game overall from the creepy atmosphere to the really crazy ending. Also peep the shopping list. The game starts at 6:35 if youre interested. Cant wait to play more games by you!

Definitely the best game in the video I made!! Just awesome all around! The vending machine won the first go around though lol. Keep up the great work and feel free to check out my video about it! Game starts at 21:40


Really good jumpscares and the puzzles were very neat! I made a video about and it's the first game of the video so feel free to check it out! Keep up the great work

awesome atmospere and very creepy story! Loved it enough to put it in a video! game starts at 11:35. Keep up the good work!

right after coming out of the air duct into the basement, go upstairs and try to go into living room

i could never make it to the end, i dont know if it was a bug issue or a me issue. 

Is there a way around the bug after entering the password?

can't wait to play it!

Holy smokes this was a great horror game. Great scares, creepy environment and atmosphere! And the fact you were 13 is incredible. Keep up the awesome work and I'll definitely play more of your games. Check out the video I made on it!

Very scary and creepy game!! Great jump scares and atmosphere as well! Looking forward to the whole. Feel free to check out the video I made about it.

The scariest game I've ever played!! Amazing job on everything. Cannot wait to see the whole thing when it's finished. Feel free to check out my video about it

I played this game for my very first YouTube video ever! Really enjoyed the alternative story! great job and great game all around