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Those are some sweet Pixel art right there. 

Good luck with your Kickstarter campaign, I hope it will reach the goal.

I respect that. No problem.

Cool,  hope it will go smoothly.  In Germany so I have been told, taxes are so complicated no one really knows how it works exactly.

Purchase still disabled here on Itch. And the last update was only on Steam.

Does this mean you are no longer active on Itch?

Awesome, congratulations! Hope you'll get fully funded. Good luck!

Lovely game, but here's some feedback.

Occasionally when warped back because of low health, the character in not alligned in the grid making some objects unreachable.

Some chests have rediculous amount of hitpoints. I've been at one chest for a half an hour hoping something valuable was in it. It was an apple.

For the rest great game, didn't came across anything else.

The limitations of the feed. I wish you all the best with your release with your game on Steam.

I saw in my feed you've updated the price, but there is no purchase/download button.

Just wanted to know if this was intentional or not.