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Oh my god this game was awesome I loved the combat system. I did not expect to be hit in the feels like that. Especially on the tie they are the only frogs left and they still resort to killing each other man it's so sad.

Thank you for the tip I beat him yesterday it was a really fun challenge can't wait to see how this game grows!

Ok so I have almost gotten to the end I am on the boss and it's really difficult but still so much fun. So the reason I went onto was because my xbox was broken and my laptop isn't very powerful so I want to find some free indie games and boy am I glad i did. This game has everything I want you get to play as a viking it has a really fun combat system and an incredibly awesome boss. The character design is incredible as well as the animations. I also love that you can buy new weapons.

So I went ahead and played the game for a few minutes and I really enjoyed it the pixel art was very nice and it had a good challenge to it.