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Thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed it

Made me realize I had a very small brain, 5/5

Really cool concept! It made me wish the game was longer, so we could maybe see some remixes like timed curses.

I'll get my revenge on these emus I swear. Really impressive how much you put into this!

I liked seeing the different ways the level could be generated, and how it aligned with different valid sudoku boards! It wasn't immediately obvious to me if the numbers affected gameplay.

The art on this one is really impressive!

Actual banger of a submission. The next Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy?

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Lovely sprite work, quite relaxing!

Level 5 ;_;

Feel free to post updated versions, it's a friendly competition after all.

It's probably possible to update your game from your page?

The submission period is over! Great job everyone. Now, it's time to try out each other's submissions and leave some rankings!

It works if you zip them together (and make sure your html file is called index.html)

Are you still awake? If you can, I would upload the game as html instead :)

Less than 4 hours left! If you wish to submit before the end of the deadline, I would start looking into publishing a first build soon.

The Flaming Hot Jam ends TOMORROW, 5PM EST! Don't forget to submit your project by then!

Thank you!

We're at the halfway point everyone! Why not showcase what you got so far? It's ok if you're still in the early phases!

I've got most mechanics down, but I still need to make a game out of them haha. Boss and level design are next!

Sweet, I'm really digging the art style you're going for! What engine are you using?

I unfortunately went under a bit of online radio silence due to unforeseen reasons, but I've been learning Pico-8 and am making a (solo) adventure game about losing sight. I've implemented most of what I need to actually craft levels, so this is getting ever closer to the exciting part!

It can be explored in a more humoristic way if that's what you're inspired to do! If you're using the concept of losing as a mechanic, you can do it in a few fun ways. Excited to see what your project shapes up to be!

It has begun! The Flaming Hot Jam's theme is.... "What was lost"! Your game should be themed around loss in one shape or another. The phrasing was chosen to allow you to tackle it in a few different ways, for example using the act of losing as a mechanic, or focusing on the thing itself that was lost. Hopefully this inspires you as you come up with your game ideas!

Outside from that, here's a reminder of the other rules of the competition. There will be none added beyond this.

- All entries to the Flaming Hot Jam must be entirely free (that means no in-game purchases)
- Entries may not include copyrighted content. Copyrighted music, assets and characters are a no-go.
- Games must at least be playable on Windows or in a web browser. You may also target other platforms on top. 
- Be nice. Entries may be disqualified for discriminatory or mean-spirited content.

I hope you have fun over the next two months and create something you can feel proud of!

The theme will be available in video format here in less than 24 hours!

Don't worry, there will also be a thread post right here, tomorrow at 9 AM EST.

I wrote a blog about the basics of creating a game, with some popular engines that can be used!

Once the jam begins, you can share your progress here!

Share your tips to make development smoother here. What software do you use, what tutorials do you follow?

Official announcements concerning the Flamin' Hot Jam will take place here. For example, the jam's theme when it's available. Exciting!