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When is the public release of v0.20?

I got it after i restarted the game. But after she breaks up with her boyfriend , it told me go on dates with her. How many dates should I go out with her?

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According to Meiko storyline it tells me to meet her at the pool at the scheduled time and day(This is the Second time). When the first time this quest showed up i visited the pool on Monday and the story of Meiko continued. But the second time no matter when i go visit her the story doesn't continue. And I'm playing on Android. What should I do?

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Does this happen to all Android user that play v0.932?

When is V0.42 available on public?

When is the v0.3.5 coming for Android

Does the game not recognise short skirt, vest and skirt, blouse and shirt and top and short skirt as skirts in Android anymore? Whenever I give lift your skirt thing it says "The npc must be wearing a skirt do this" but the npc is actually wearing a skirt. This happens on Android

When is the next update coming out?

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When is the next update coming out?

Does new update comes once a month or twice a month or is it random?

Is this game still onlylast in game 9 days and is it stilla demo? Or did it get updated?

Will the v 931 be released publicly today?

For me both sakuya and natsume nude cheat codes aren't working. I'm in 0.5.2 and it says invalid code

For me both sakuya and natsume nude cheat codes aren't working. I'm in 0.5.2 and it says invalid code

The natsume nude cheat code is not working for me. Why?

Will the 3.0 version be released for free?

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Why did the game last only two minutes for me. The only interaction i got was from the red haired girl. And after I speak with the raccoon the game ends. I am playing on Android btw

When will the next update come out? Are All of these updates just big fixes?

Is this like censored?


Will that version come out for free?

I see a broken house or school in one of these slides in this page, how can I go there?

thank you 

How do I unlock s*x with ayano i can't see do it and in dairy it's telling no tasks assigned for this character?

Has the date for public release of 3.0 been decided 🤩

JUST tag or inform me when they release v3.0