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Hi there!

Somehow I totally missed this and it appears to be sold out. Anywhere I'm able to get my hands on a physical copy? Thanks!

yes ‘n please.

thanks for the awesome sounding adventure!

Insta-buy. Thanks for all your work, Chema!

Any chance of also being able to order a Mixam physical copy of the base game, too?

Quite excited for this!

Hey, Yochai, thanks for the response!

In retrospect, making them use an inventory slot is probably pretty punishing.

I think I’ll either use a mock-up of Mausritter’s hireling sheet or just have the player move the stats to their Notes section.

Thanks again!

Good morning!

We had a very brief exchange on reddit the other day about the Cairn x Dolmenwood game I'm in the process of starting and, wouldn't you know it, I ran into a question not the very next session!

How do you handle record-keeping for Hirelings, Mounts, &/or Pets (f.ex, the Ranger's Bloodhound)?

I flipped through my physical copy, scanned through the PDF, and ultimately took a gander at Mausritter, which I've been using to fill in any implied but not explicit qualities for the game thus far. Rather than yoinking Mausritter's hireling card (which I'm not ruling out just yet), what I wound up ruling (for my PC Ranger) was that the Bloodhound would get a single-slot inventory card that represented an abstraction of the accoutrements associated with keeping them and the "weight" of their bond. Is this what you would do?


excited to see this! Any chance for a single page version as opposed to spreads?

Looks like there may be a small issue with the … - RED.pdf character sheet. Ever time I try to download it I get an error. 

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I’m probably just not aware of how to access them, but it appears that the alternative color options are missing?

I figured it out! It's set up as "Layers" of color - so in your preferred PDF viewer, you need to disable the layers you don't want and leave the layer you do want enabled.

thank you! Sorry, I’ve never used Miro and that’s the one thing I didn’t tap on; looks like it’s not possible to do on iOS either. I was able to do it on my iPad mini though.

Thanks again!

hi there! I cannot for the life of me figure out how to copy the Miro board for myself. Any tips?

Heck yeah! That’s exciting to hear!

Any word on when the next segment of this adventure/world might be available?

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Is there any chance of a Pages version of this being offered? The spreads are great on my desktop, but I read a lot on mobile/iPad.

Sorry if this is a huge ask, I don't know enough about design/layout of PDFs.

EDIT: Just realized that the corebook PDF actually includes this same adventure; no need for my request above. Thanks!

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Hi, Emanoel!

I’ve been reading through the GM & Player facing pamphlets (in addition to MIND THE GAP) and I’ve got some questions (and, in the future, some small typo / grammar suggestions).

First and foremost, RE: Progress Bars on Threats (whether they’re a network being hacked or a person being convinced or taken out):

You state that most Threats have a Progress Bar of 4, 6, or 8. You then go on to say 

When progress is made, tick a number of segments in the PROGRESS BAR equal to T (when the Threat advances) or E (when the PCs advance).

Can you provide an example of how this would look in action? For instance, if the PCs are going toe-to-toe with the bouncer you provide as an example, would the bouncer’s threat increase at some point? Or is the above referenced line meant to refer to Threats that aren’t yet in the group’s face, but that could be if the Threat bar fills?

Additionally, you say


This sounds like one successful roll takes out a Threat; is it meant that one successful roll takes out threats that do not have Progress Bars? Or is Success here defined as “once the PCs have advanced the Progress Bar to full?”

Lastly for now, you have a few examples that show bars with darker gray boxes or even yellow boxes… what does this mean/how is it interpreted in play?

Thank you for reading all of this, sorry for the huge post!

any chance of a print-friendly variant?

also noticed a small typo under the first hex key result: “the dead have slowly rising…”

Not sure if it should be “are slowly” or “risen.”

Thanks for making this; looks like a blast!

this is something else!

my only wish would be for a basic pronunciation guide.

when and if that next MIXAM printing happens, is there a way to be notified? I’d really love to get a nice physical of this.

I did search Lulu for something, but couldn’t find anything. Do you happen to have a direct link to the product page?

any idea when FloatingChair might get more physical copies? I missed them entirely. :(

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This is gorgeous.

There’s a very small typo on the SHEET_booklet_en file - at the bottom, where it details healing HP & stats, it says Decterity instead of Dexterity.