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First played this game about 1 year ago, maybe a little longer than that! This is a masterpiece. It’s artistically attractive and rich plot wise. Thank you so much, Kadabura, for making a game that, at the time of playing it, revived my hope in amazing games! :)

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Thank you so much!! Also, I must say kudos in the amazing game, it’s so beautifully and well done! Have a wonderful evening!

Hi everyone! Does anyone have a walkthrough for the game? I'm stuck on the library part, and I cannot call the librarian because I can't manage to get spare change... I've watered the bushes like the lady in the garden asked, but it won't progress the game.

i created this account solely to say that this game is singlehandedly one of my favorite, if not my favorite, pixel (horror) game(s). i fell in love with the art style, and namely fell in love with deuteragonist, the seeker ! he's actually my favorite character, and his few appearances were such a comfort to me ! keep up the amazing work, and i hope this will get more popular in the months to come !