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i have lost track of the amount of times i've opened this game to start again and redecorate my garden. its an adorable and relaxing game. keep it up!

what a great game to play in class!!!!  this game is simple and hilarious. the graphics are really nice and always a good game to play to get to know someone :D keep it up!

im not the only one who tried to get out of the room by moving towards the words right??? it was an upsettingly relatable game which was simple but also meaningful. thanks for this, and i hope you extend this someday too!

This is so very cute! I love the art, and frantically running around to collect sunscreen somehow relaxes me :D keep it up!

This collection of memories is really beautiful, and the art style makes me smile. Keep it up!

This game is so therapeutic, I highly reccomend this in place of a therapist :D

It would be great if you could have an undo button, but again I feel like that could take away the sense of serene accomplishment when you finally clean a room after ten tries...