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Thanks for letting us know you enjoyed it, means a lot!

Thanks Hob, adding more key support would be fairly easy to do so I'll consider putting that in. If you want to play some more of my games, check out:

Very different style games to seasons.

As another little suggestion, maybe switch space bar to the bombs and make click shoot? Constantly tapping space bar whilst moving is a lot more difficult than clicking. Really excited to see any changes you make!

I think if you just increase the radius of the time fields a considerable amount. Also, for the weapon change what about using the scroll wheel instead?

Overall a very clean game that has a great theme. I'd be interested to see where you could run with this project!

Fun little shooter and the mechanic of creating time fields was really interesting, however I don't think it had a large enough impact on the world to be truly useful. It was also really difficult to change the time bombs whilst also piloting the ship. Overall great game which was really difficult!