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The camera feels a bit too floaty and distant but overall I enjoyed my experience playing this game. If I were you, I would focus on some animation playing when the user or enemy gets hit so the combat feels more meaningful.

I really love this game concept!

The controls feel a bit too floaty, other than that, good game!

Just beaten it! Originally I did have 30+ deaths but it felt so rewarding to finish it. It never felt unfair anymore when I died, it felt like a tackle of dexterity and memory, remembering where to go and when and actually doing it. Good work! You can see me playing it here:

I didn't lol

Clearly inspired by the brackeys tutorial lol. Keep up the good work

Please make the gravity in your game more apparent. The movement speed and jump height makes it unplayable :(

This would make for a very good rage game! The controls feel pretty good so good work on that. The difficulty curve goes up a bit too much a bit too quick but other than that a solid game. Side note, a track of music playing rather than one single clip would make for a better experience

I do like this game concept. If the Z axis was locked the gameplay would be a bit more tight. However it was interesting and a unique concept, keep it up!

I think the assets should be changed and to add audio for your next update! The gameplay is solid though, a score system would add replayability.

I found the Illuminati part quite funny it caught me off guard lol. A good few game concepts here!

This game was quite fun. The controls are good and the graphics are nice to look at. My only problem is shooting, if the bullets tracked the nearest enemy it would make the shooting mechanic more fair. Also, I used boost in the end to fling myself to the end of the level so you may wanna tinker with that. Other than that, superb!

Very interesting concept! I feel if you made the controls a bit tighter It would be more playable. Keep up the good work!

I am in love with the art style, interesting concept for gameplay. I came across a bug where I just went off of the screen, I still lost however (I went upwards). 

How this game doesn't have more recognition I don't know. The use of the music in the back giving a calm tone really lets you focus on the gameplay. And to talk about the gameplay, I feel so involved in this little story as I progress keeping my happiness up or my love life, the game system makes me jealous because I hadn't thought of this before. The visuals and placement of said visuals keep it simplistic and to the point. Keep up the good work!

Nice looking game with simplistic fun controls. One problem is the really fast timer that forces a restart if you aren't quick enough to react. 

I really like the look of this game, it does add well to the feel. However I think you programmed the AI a bit too well, I couldn't score even once lol. I do really like the use of a timer to wait for a restart rather than it being instant. Keep up the good work! P.S any music would've helped a lot.

I wasn't sure what the aim of the game was but the controls felt brilliant. The gun didn't seem to do much other than do an animation. I did really like the health with the face changing with the amount of health. Overall, good work!

Very topical, good work!

Idk how to progress but I enjoyed just shooting logs at a tree lol

I am so jealous of the UI programming and animation. So so jealous

The art is just superb and the gameplay is fun!