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A member registered Aug 17, 2017

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Well,i`ve done it!

It took




of procrastination

but i`ve done it!

the pinnacle of human entertainment!

Well sorry it took me 6 months to respond to your email,but if it makes you feel any better i really enjoyed the game and hope for more updates in the future!

Ribeye Charlie`s basement is a lot more spacious than i expected!

You mean i can beat up kids and not get arrested?

Sign me up!

The only way to make peace was through spilling a teeny tiny bit of blood

Some was not intentional,but hey nobody needs to know....

Can`t wait to see what other unearthly findings i stumble upon in my next adventure!

because it`s fun!

F is for Fuck me Karen is coming

U is for Unholy sights

N is for Never going back in there again

Cause I don`t wanna turned into chum!

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I don`t think you have yet grasped the magnitude of the situation i`m in.

I spend over 3 fucking hours playing what i thought would be a 15 minute shipost game.

I do not tire,I do not break.

*I am the king of this game!*

Pretty solid and genuinely scary game!

I don`t know if it`s the sounds or how the angels just travel through fucking time and space and appear in front of you looking like you stole a cookie from the cookie jar that they want back,but it gave me the spooks,so that`s good!

Be me

Go to banana eating contest

Have weird hallucinations

Get seduced by a banana

Came for a prize,left with a soulmate

10/10 would date a banana again

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Searched for puppos

Found the puppos

Pet the puppos 

Was satisfied

Would give this game 9.5/10

It`s a pretty nice game,I do admit that!
And i`m probably going to harsh on a prototype,but we can`t forget that:

1)It`s full of grammatical errors and animation gliches

2)The choices you make don`t actually matter

and 3)The game is missing 2 full chapters,so we go from being teleported back in to the immediate end when we are left with little to know and really no change of outcome!

But don`t take my word for it,take the words of "3 weeks ago" me!