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A member registered Aug 17, 2017

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Be me

Go to banana eating contest

Have weird hallucinations

Get seduced by a banana

Came for a prize,left with a soulmate

10/10 would date a banana again

I mean it`s much better than anything i can do so i guess it`s not that bad.

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Searched for puppos

Found the puppos

Pet the puppos 

Was satisfied

Would give this game 9.5/10

It`s a pretty nice game,I do admit that!
And i`m probably going to harsh on a prototype,but we can`t forget that:

1)It`s full of grammatical errors and animation gliches

2)The choices you make don`t actually matter

and 3)The game is missing 2 full chapters,so we go from being teleported back in to the immediate end when we are left with little to know and really no change of outcome!

But don`t take my word for it,take the words of "3 weeks ago" me!