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Really cute and fun! Although I did get lost in the maze lol 

Different kind of mimic than I was thinking of lol. I really enjoyed this one! 

Another great game! 

It got me a couple times lol Love your games! 

Love everything about this game!!! 

The first one was good, but this one is *chef's kiss*

I jumped a couple times lol 

This was a really good game! It was sad, beautiful, scary, and weird. 10/10! 

So weird, but I liked it! 

Really good! And it has buff zombies! 

Can't wait to play the full game! 

Very cool and creepy. 10/10 

Honestly, this was the most unique point and click I've ever played. I loved it. It was great! I really wish there was more!

Loved this game! Thought provoking and scary in the Black Mirror sense. 10/10! 

This was so cute! I loved the world this game takes place in! My only complaint is that there wasn't more. 10/10! 

Loved the unpacking elements. Really cool game!

Couldn't find the right door. 10/10 

Interesting depiction of addiction

This is why I don't use storage units lol 

Loved the evil shopping cart! 

I was so confused at first lol 

My favorite installment yet!

Very weird and creepy. I liked it! 

LOVED IT!!!!! So cute!

Another great installment! 

This was so good! Gave me all the feels Stanley Parable did. 10/10!!! 

I liked it, just wish there was more. 

A whole new meaning to "the perfect spot". Really liked it! 

Did not expect that ending!! It got me a few times lol 10/10!

Cute and short 7/10! 

Can't wait to play the rest of the series! 

Very good!! I really liked it! 

I liked it! Just wish there was more 

Left me wanting to know more about what was going on, but I really liked it! 

So well done! 

Very fun and weird! 7/10 for that alone lol 

I really enjoyed this one. Loved the twist at the end!

Loved it! Glad the jumpscare didn't get me too much >.<

Very weird, but I liked it! Can't figure out the good ending though. 

Loved the concept! Definitely felt like a real social networking event lol