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What do you see???

He's Back!!


A mental workout!!

Need plans for this to be expanded upon ASAP!

Just found out this has a Director's Cut on Steam!!

imagine this game being expanded upon?! 馃憣馃従

def looking forward to it! 馃憣馃従

Not sure what I played but I stuck around to the end! 馃挭馃従

What Just Happened? | Inside the Dark Let's Play!

This a horror game through and through!

Now THIS is a HORROR GAME! | 9 Childs St Demo Let's Play!

This story is A1!!!

We Closing the Book on This One! | The Shopping List Let's Play #2

Checking em off my "list"!

Walking outta that Walmart be like! 

not too sure of what to make of this 馃ぃ

I Have No Title for This! | Mr. White Let's Play!


This man needs Jesus!

She just all kinds of exposed!

One night in the BAG!!

I put the burners on!!!

Yo this game caught me off guard!! lml

Maybe this 2D project will do

more than this PC port lol

I swear I gave him the work idc!! lml! 

I'm not sure what just happened but it happened! lol

I've gots to play Episode 2!!!

Dope game, kinda reminds me of Shadow Corridor!

I don't know what to make of this. lol

Slender Man ain't ready for this! lol

Greenlit for all the right reasons!

My lungs can't take this anymore! lmaoooo

I demand answers. lmaoooo!

I Been Did It! lml

Creep factor on FLEEK!

Quite simply. This game SLAPS!

I just compiled some of my gameplay and rediscovered how painstakingly fun this game was lml!

Had to get my Saiko Let's Plays all in one playlist. lol

Big Facts!!

As an alternative, this fan game has cool So

nic Heroes Vibes to it!

I still don't know what I just played!

Great words for a Great Product! I'm impressed. Keep up the good work!