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I don't know what to make of this. lol

Slender Man ain't ready for this! lol

Greenlit for all the right reasons!

My lungs can't take this anymore! lmaoooo

I demand answers. lmaoooo!

I Been Did It! lml

Creep factor on FLEEK!

Quite simply. This game SLAPS!

I just compiled some of my gameplay and rediscovered how painstakingly fun this game was lml!

Had to get my Saiko Let's Plays all in one playlist. lol

Big Facts!!

As an alternative, this fan game has cool So

nic Heroes Vibes to it!

I still don't know what I just played!

Great words for a Great Product! I'm impressed. Keep up the good work!

This game's artstyle is DOPE!

Much respect. I appreciate the shoutout and continued game development

Nice to see improvements being made! Looking forward to further updates in the future.

I dig it! I definitely needed to slow down and look around properly regardless. lol.

Ahhh! I suppose I should have known that! That's my mistake...

This game made me look stupid lmao!

I guess it did what it was supposed to do? Dope atmosphere though!

This game was the star of the show!

Will you be working on this Yandere Simulator collab again in the future? This game was HEAT!!

It's all about forward progress! I look forward to future updates!

This game HAS POTENTIAL!!!

I had no idea this game had multiple endings. lmaoo that caught me off gaurd! 

Finally gave the update a try! Either I suck or I suck lol. Game is DOPE

! Upgrades are beautiful. Good Job!

Not gonna lie, it got me for a moment!

The heads up about this new release was Clutch! Hopped on right away!

Should I give the new update a go? 🤔

What the hell did I just play!? lmao!

That j

umpscare was wild! The game was meh!

Short, Sweet, and Straight to the Point! Just how I like it!

This game had its moments! GOOD MOMENTS!

I was very pleased! Would love to see this developer come through with another game!

I hope they continue with this game because it def hit the mark! 

This game will catch you slippin'! Well done developers. Feel free to check out my gameplay everyone.

This game is A1. I take my shot at it in the gameplay below.

EXCELLENT GAME! Feel free to check out my gameplay below!