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Great news! I really hope you are able to make good progress this time.

Thanks for sharing that, happy to see we are getting some exciting content in the PD but I’m still more convinced by your concept!

What a pity, I love the style and the overall concept. We are seriously missing a deck building roguelike in the PD

I’m fucking loving it! How could I play it in a handheld device with a controller?

It was very usable with a controller mapped on a desktop PC, but I would love to play on the go now. Any emulator or any ideas? I don’t have a steam deck or anything that can run computer games…

This has been great. I'm so damned happy this is becoming a full-fledged game and also multi-platform, because it's meant for Switch!

Can't wait to see how the plot evolves in the full version.

Just out of curiosity, are you guys using also PowerQuest for the full game or you had to write your own engine? 

Absolutely remarkable. The first special cards you encounter will determine the rest of you run and how far you get, leaving the experience somehow unbalanced.

But the concept, the aesthetics and the overall gameplay is outstanding. I would totally love a commercial version for Steam and Switch.


Simple but so hooking. In my opinion the most polished Pico-8 cart ever, finding a perfect balance of visuals, resolution, color palette, while simple, short rounds and addictive!

I'm so hooked to Scriptwelder since the 4 days to survive. Unique pixel art aesthetics, card game gameplay, some decent challenge in it...

Can be beaten in around 90 minutes, give it a try! 

Can't wait for the next Scriptwelder delivery. I just wish this could be played in tablets more comfortably, an android/iOS port would be outstanding...

I think we are all now so happy this happened!
Fucking rockstar

Fun and short enough to be enjoyable!
I figure some puzzles aren't really challenging and the complicated ones have more than one solution!

Anyways, thanks guys, had a great time. Glorious classic GameBoy aesthetics. This would be a perfect candidate for a Pico-8 port! 

Very original concept! And re-playability by design!

I agree the car maneuvering can be frustrating though...

I figure this is pretty much a technical demo for PowerQuest, but the very constant problems with the lagging almost defeated the purpose...
Luckily I stumbled upon Loco Motive right after and I changed my opinion about the engine.

In any case, entertaining point and click adventure, short enough, not too challenging but with a nice Frankenstein backstory, decent pixel art and hilarious dialogues and voice acting. 

Same here, please give me a hand whenever you can. Thanks in advance!

I feel the characters garbled are intentional. You start to understand the text the longer you play.

I bit confused, specially with the ending, but nice aesthetics.