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This game truly mess with me. 馃槄 Wasn't expecting a specific the playthrough. 馃槺

Solid game with a really spooky atmosphere. 

Check out my playthrough. 馃槼

Had a lot of fun getting scared by shadows and much more! 馃槄 Short game but with a solid gameplay and scares. 馃憣

Check out my gameplay. 馃憞

Loved the atmosphere and the game is spooky. Kept me in the edge of my seat. 

Had fun and it was a terrifying experience. Didn't expect for a crate to scare me so much 馃槄

Here's my playthrough

Oh man. Truly terrifying, hitting gold with the creepy mannequins everywhere. 馃槄 

Here's my playthrough

It's my pleasure, had a lot of fun. 馃槑

The game is super fun, really appreciated the very comprehensive. Super fun shooter. 馃槑

A solid teaser demo. Definitely left me wanting more and I'm excited to see how the game develops and grows. 

Here's my playthrough

Enjoy 馃槑

Short game that left me wanting for more. I'm excited to see where this game goes. Huge props. 馃敟

A solid game with great scares, a solid story and good visuals. I did have an issue with the sword and crown but dev got back to me super fast about. 馃憣

Here's my play through without any ending, but it was super fun. 馃槑

I played the shorter demo a couple months back. And this longer demo got me super excited for the full game. 馃槏

Here's my playthrough. Enjoy 馃憣

It was a super fun and terrifying experience. I wasn't able to finish it because I kept dying but enjoy me screaming and getting scared 馃槼

No problem, my pleasure. 馃槉

This game had me jumping left and right at one point. Also the realistic graphics love it. 馃槏 

Not having music and just sounds makes this game one of my favorite games so far this year. 馃憣

Here's my playthrough 馃憞

An excellent game. If I ever reincarnate I'll have memories of the creppy slide in the woods. If you want to see a playthrough here it is:


I hope you enjoy.

I'm so excited to see how it grows for sure. 馃敟

Spooky short game, pretty good. Here's my playthrough.

Solid demo. Excited to see how this game develops further. Really loved the concept and story so far. Here's my playthrough 馃憞

The atmosphere on this game is superb. Realistic graphics really adds to the experience. If you are interested, here's my playthrough

Hope you enjoy 馃槺

The tension in this game and build-up is amazing. 

Here's Part I to my playthrough for this game. Got stuck for a while on one portion so decided to split it into different parts. 

Hope you enjoy. 

Excellent game so far! Definitely interested in exploring more about this game. Here's my playthrough, some of the jump scares really got me. 馃槅

Loved this game from start to end. Huge props for creating this game. It truly scared me! Here's a walkthrough play. 

The ambiance on this game kept me at the end of my seat. Definitely recommend playing it.

Here's my playthrough of Contemp

This prototype kept me at the edge of my seat. I can't wait for the full version. 

Here's me playing the game if you are interested