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Really good

Good game ! really fun

Yeah, it's a really fun and cool game !

Yay ! Cool and funny game !

Funny game

Good game !

Good game ! Keep it up !


Oh ok I didn't notice thanks !

WOW ! It's very cool ! You should add more things ! Keep it up !

Wow ! funny game ! I love the leaderboard system !

Waw ! Awesome game !! love it

Yeah, good game !

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I'm your hero as I can see x) great game ! (I saved the humanity)

Yay ! Good game ! I enjoyed playing this game with my brother !

Good game but the world record is not saving (i got 222 lol)

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Ok i had a problem with the inventory but I reload few times the page and its finally working ! The game is really fun and chill, I love it. Keep it up !!!!

(The inventory is a little broken so can you add a "close" button please ?)

Wow ! That was really fun !

Haha, so funny !

Good game that was really fun

Good game !

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Wow ! Really good game ! It's really fun ! Turning fast is making a little bug... LOL. Keep it up

Time survived: 158

packages: 102

Good game ! Keep it up !

It's a really good game with cute things, scary things and sad things but it was really fun to play.

Wow, nice game ! 

Good game !  

Yeah, good game !

(Score 350) Good game keep it up

Really really good game, good idea. I didn't really understand the meaning of the hearts... but keep it up ! (From France)