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It is a nice Game... I would not call it the Best free Game of 2017, but still nice Game

Small but still good Game. Has some Potential after some polishing ;)

I must say I really liked the Art-Style of this Game ( Especially the little Changes while the Date is going on). Will play it multiple Time for exploring the differences with the other answers.

It looks really promising and I will keep following it for the full Release ;)

I am not sure what to think about this "Game"... If you do not see it as a Game and more like a "Quiz", it is really good ( The atmosphere is done pretty well!).

After all I can sit down on my Throne in Hell ;)

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What I liked most and what was really well delivered: The typical Atari - Artstyle and old fashioned Sound. Short Game which brings you kind of back to the past ;)

The voice was perfectly made and also the "lack of Music" was well placed. After all I'll look forward to "Faith II"

A short but well made game. The Puzzles are interesting and well placed.

Only complain I have was the story: I kind of lost track or I missed something ( especially why the Protagonist can decide for a certain action ). But still good job on this game