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The Animal System

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Happy birthday sileo and congratulations! 🎈🎈🎉🎉

thank you!

okey im gonna try it when i dont get to scared of horror games (also sorry for my bad english)

is this a horror game?


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it downloads a link not a game or a rar/zip file with the game plz fix this because the game looks cool(also sorry for my bad english)

do you have Twitter?

okey thx

but i opened every chest in the beach

hello how do i get the swimsuit?

i really wanted an Eric route 

i was in diego's route and this stupid raptor came and started to be a female dog i alredy don't like him (sorry for my bad english)

okey thank you

hello i want to know if you are going to put version for win64, sorry for my bad english.

thank you

solo esta en ingles

you're welcome

i can't download the game

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i love this game, Diego is cute, Axel is cute, Dom is cute, Tai is cute, Lukas is a cute grumpy boy, everyone is cute.

(sorry for my bad english)