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Really happy to see that this game is still getting updated. Thanks!

I had this game for a while then forgot about it. Really good stuff!

Gonna echo Crezzyy and say that this game really needs more burning cars.

I rate it 8/5+12 squared

brain hurt

Interesting to see the many ways you can complete this game. Very fun.

wall break. fix wall. wall break. wall break again. fix wall. fix wall again. wall break. wall break. wall break. panic. fix wall. fix wall. fix wall. wall break. wall break. fix wall. wall break. panic. fix wall. wall break. fix wall. reach bottom. see eyeball. panic. panic. panic. push button. eyeball get angry. go up. wall break. fix wall. wall break. wall break. push button. eyeball get angry. fix wall. fix wall. wall break. wall break. wall break. push button. eyeball get angry. wall fix. wall break. wall fix. wall break. wall fix. wall fix. push button. eyeball get angry. wall fix. wall break. wall fix. wall break. push button. eyeball get angry. wall break. panic. panic. panic. wall break. wall fix. wall fix. push button. eyeball get angry. wall break. wall fix. wall break. wall fix. reach surface. get out of sub. watch captain get violated by tentacle. panic. die.


!!! ATTENTION !!! 

Reludum does not exist anymore. Seriously, he's just not active at all. HOWEVER, someone is working on...PHENOMENON 2!!! They have a Discord server too, join the original P1 Discord here, and for the P2 server, it's probably somewhere in the announcements Phenomenon 2 is beginning development in January 2023. See you, space cowboy.

"If fighting is sure to result in victory, then you must fight!" Carl said that, and I'd say he knows a little more about fighting than you do, pal, because he invented it, and then he perfected it so that no living man could best him in the arena of honor.

This game makes me happy. It's very charming.

This has some really melancholy, sentimental feel. Thanks for the vibes and the feels.

Quite literally literally Space Station 13. Woo!

jesus that's wholesome

no hablo espanol, but it sounds like you liked the game, so that's cool.


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Oh, and another thing- I assume you're working on other projects but there's a bit of a bug where you can still drop your items while dead.

also muh friend is so sad T~T

Man I love this game! I've figured out a lot of useful things, so here's a list of important stuff~

1. Stealth is, in fact, much better than open conflict- ESPECIALLY on "Survive" levels. Do not, at any time, use your gun unless you see the crazy pig(s).

2. Fear the crazy pigs. They got a gun AND you need two shots to take them out. I believe they're always in a building with a massive stash of resources just behind the corner, so if you REALLY need ammo, healthkits, and food, go for it. But make sure you have about 4 bullets before you go in there, god knows how many pigs there'll be inside. 

3. Easiest way to take out crazy pigs is to lure them out by standing there (like a doink) and making them go outside. Then, find a bush and get down before he comes out to look for you and shoot them- it's a lot easier than running around like a crazy pig.

4. insert angry birds sequel joke here

(1 edit)

"Meet?" Isn't that a spel-

Hold on, "ME-et."

uh oh

And another thing- This is impossible to play without a mouse, so if you don't have one, start lifting five pound weights with your index finger because god knows you're going to want it if you're using a touchpad.

been playing 15 minutes. Help.

Pretty much 100% sure that the game is, in fact, a loop. Reasoning: First, the body of the first dead crew member looks like you (just...more dead). Second, the room where the gate slams behind you has a bookcase (top right corner) that notes that there's the word "Remember" carved into it, with (a) tally mark on it. I believe that every time you complete a loop, you get another tally mark, but I'm not going to be the guy that plays the game over 100 times trying to find a secret.

This is fine.

I mean, what's even wrong about this situation anyway?

(I'm pretty sure this just came from my save being left alone for two months of ragequit from that last battle  lol)

Looks like this game sort of just died, very sad. I hope the final result will reach us one day, but take ya time :)

Really fun game. Unfortunately...

Oh come on he can't even spell "fuck" right at the end.

don't mind me...

All I can say is... Wow. That was good. I tried all of the possible endings and no matter what path I took, the storytelling was great! The lack of visuals might make it feel a little bland but I loved the minimal text-only story, it left so much to the imagination!

Alright I'm gonna need a sequel to this masterpiece, unless it doesn't fit the storytelling narrative. Either way I still want another sequel.

Still trying to figure out why V,E,S, and Y aren't working. I think it has to do with capitalizing or something, but if you add capitalization variations there are so many possibilities it's not worth testing out every single one.

So beautiful, so minimal, so imaginative. Thank you for this.


all I have to say.

I was cursed with the delay of the notification saying this came out. But now I can play the new build on Christmas! What a great present :)

Another build, woohoo!

Oh man, this game is philosophical. There are realistic debates about plausible events, there's humor, there's music, and I can't wait for more! Keep up the good work!

Had the same problem, you could try sudo chmod -R 777. It worked for me, BUT chmod 777 is very very dangerous, mainly because it gives pretty much everyone file access. If anyone could get onto your computer, that means everyone has access to the file you selected with chmod 777.

My point is, chmod 777 if you don't care about your computer. If you do care about your computer uhh... hmm. Not sure about that.

you god damn amateurs *jumps down the middle of the stairwell*

heh *turns on fullbright*


who would think of that combo?

this genius

I just realized, this game is entirely based off of luck. Luck that you'll get the health boxes, luck that you'll get the upgrade boxes, luck that the final boss doesn't do his no gravity thing with a gun, and for gun wielders, luck that you get ammo boxes.

The chances of getting an ammo box are very fucking low.

Oh, for fucks sake-