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Understood, but I guess part of my question with that is if we modify sprites from here, does that grant us the right to then sell/send them? Some of these sprites look fairly identical to ones found in this generator:

So I feel like its difficult to understand how our modifications can be differentiated.

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I'm confused by your license agreement. We are able to use this art for projects, however we cannot give a copy of the art to someone...what do you mean? Like we can't give away sprite sheets or something? I'm looking at using these in a collectible type game but am worried that it will be perceived as "giving" away the art because it involves the pixel characters.

Also, I'd like to somehow integrate the ability to randomly generate in game. Can I get source for this to enable in game? As it stands the tool is useful but not if you want to use all the characters in game...

How did you download this tool? I don't see the option on the OC's page or this one. If that's not possible, could you share how you downloaded all the sprite parts?

Just bought this pack, the UI, and Creature packs...I really love the work you did here and can't wait to put them to good use.