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Ok! Thank you!

Heyyo, just wanted to ask if the tv static thing from the trailer happens a lot in the game and if there's an option to turn that off or lower it. It hurts my eyes and I get a slight headache. 

My god the trailer music is just sooooo good.

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Another idea that could work is using the app. It's worked for me on other games so maybe it'll work her. Haven't tried myself yet.

Edit: yeah it works

AH! I see, thanks!

My god it looks beautiful. It sounds so interesting. Welp time to sell my soul to this game so I can hope to learn how to play it, GM it, and find people to play with. Oh boy...

I'm on mac and when I try to open the Lancer NPC data file it says I need an app for that, anyone know what app I need for that? 

Yay! Thank you!

If we purchased this through the bundle would we still be able to get the final version on release?

Damn, I better be an emotional wreck once I'm done with game or I'm going to dissapointed in myself.

I'm very bad with tech and get very anxious about anything involving a terminal. Do I just open the Terminal and paste the command line?

So Mac people only have the choice to either not play it at all or play it all in one major sitting. Neato.