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Thanks Vlad! Really appreciate your review!

Thanks Frivolimous! Definitely going to spend more time on this game in the coming weeks.

Very cool game! Though my eyes kinda hate me for looking at it for too long lol. Good job!

It's pretty fun and challenging!

Played it with my friend, it is really fun! One things I noticed is that in one of the rounds we both ended up 7-7, I thought the result would be tie, but it said the round went to Player 2. Is that intentional?

Good game!

It is really fun to play it! You managed to hit that sweet spot for movement. Really easy to get into this game and instantly be able to enjoy it.

Thanks for your feedback! I personally think I could do better with the animations if it wasn't for the 2 frame limit. Something I can improve on for the future. :)

Really appreciate your feedback! :)

Thanks Vukbo. Glad you liked it!

Thanks for your feedback! Glad you find it relaxing and satisfying, it's exactly how I was trying to make it. :)

Thanks for your feedback! Well there is a little secret control I left in the game - you can also tap  Space key to check your solution!

Thanks again, really appreciate it!