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The Unique Horn

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Thank you so much for sharing this! As a white queer trans man my experience is obviously different, and yet I found your story very relatable, particularly the part about social media celebrating only certain types of bodies and making others feel like we're not even "the right kind of wrong". Your game is a great reminder that, as Hanne Blank says, "There is no wrong way to have a body."

That game just needed to happen... Congrats and thank you!

I'm on Linux, solo mode works fine but story mode crashes right after Nolok talks to Tux :'(

A very refreshing take on the famous old story! I like this version MUCH better :)

Thanks, I will :)

I'm using version 5.0.0-beta55 which I installed two days ago using the Install button in the Itch app. I just checked and the app is apparently not aware of any newer version (at least for Linux)...

The tool in itself is great, however I ran into an issue with the documentation: the tank shooter tutorial uses a "permanent" button when giving the bullets a force that keeps them moving, and said button is gone from the current version. Because of that, bullets stay where they are created when they should be moving in whatever direction they've been fired. A workaround (inspired by the platformer tutorial) is to set an object variable to some specific value when creating a bullet, then create another event to apply the force as long as said variable is set to that value.

Cette histoire est magnifique, et très touchante même sans vous connaître. Merci beaucoup de l'avoir partagée avec le monde :)

The story is so deeply moving and relatable (queer trans man here), I'm a little short of words now... 

On a different matter I noticed a small technical issue: the music starts when I click the "back to start" link in the credits, not when I launch the game. I mean the silent reading is nice too, but it's a significantly different experience and since you made the effort to include music I figured you'd like to know...

Nice game, a little too short maybe... Are you planning to make a sequel? Maybe with longer sequences, levels that combine two instruments that aren't percussions...?

Hello again, and sorry for the late answer.

I'm using the Itch app on Arch Linux, and I let the app manage the install. The error message I'm getting is "no executable found".

Hello again, and sorry for the late answer.

I have Love 0.10 installed on my system, but the error message I get is "no executable found"...

Hello again, and sorry for the late answer.

I'm using Arch Linux, but I'm not sure this is the problem since I've had some other Unity games work just fine, particularly here on Itch (and Arch Linux even has a bunch of versions of the Unity editor that we can install)...

I just gave the Linux build a try, there's that screen that says "click to start", so I clicked, and... nothing happens, the game doesn't start :'(

doesn't launch on linux :'(

doesn't launch on linux :'(

The error message reads "no executable was found", so I looked at the local files and it turned out the Itch app had downloaded a Windows executable... So I tried to download the game from the website: there's a single downloadable archive, which is listed as Windows/Linux/macOS but only contains a Windows version. Linux and macOS versions are apparently missing...

Hi, I just tried the Linux version (through the Itch app) and only got a black screen :'( I'll be looking forward to a future version that'll run on Linux bc the game looks really nice to play...

Hello, this is just to let you know that the game won't launch through the Linux version of the Itch app, instead it throws an error.