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The Unique Horn

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This game is adorable :) As much as I love the way the characters comment about being in a demo, I can't wait for the full version!

Same here, but on browser version :'( Now I'm stuck because I need a cat with a specific action...

I loved that both the bros and the girlfriend can have all types of "plumbing"! Really the only thing I would have liked more is a possibility to try more than one thing before finishing, but that's a small detail, so 5 stars anyway. And 6/5 for the inclusivity :)

A story where characters with a belly can be strong, both physically and personality-wise, but also lovable and desirable as they are, and ultimately just as valid and valued as anyone else, is truly a bowl of fresh air. It goes against clichés that are all too common and plague the lives of so many people. The world needs more stories where good people come in all shapes and sizes. Thank you for publishing this VN.

This game is just as lovely as every game of yours that I've played :)

The only thing I've found a bit strange (not bad necessarily, just unexpected) is how much of the story is an "epilogue": why not just the last phone call with Ma? I feel like the rest could fit in the main story...

Vinegar is one of my favorite characters from the Spooky Soiree, it was nice seeing her again.

This game is so very satisfying! The Linux build works great btw.

Lovely game, but why is it so hard to rotate the camera? (Linux build, idk if that matters...)

Thanks :)

This game is listed as Windows + Linux + macOS but the download is just for Windows...

How do I change colors? So far I've only been able to paint things red...

Is there a way to rotate the camera?

Thank you for your answer. I don't get 1920x1080 listed as a possible resolution, but on 1024x768 the "play" button sticks out a little bit from under the text box, so I was able to play a little. Then I may have run into another issue. I crafted the bouncy flower and was trying to figure out how to use it to cross the spikes, and then there was a spot at the edge of the hole where I got stuck, unable to move or interact with anything, not even use the spikes to die and start over. The only thing that worked was quitting the game (so it wasn't completely crashed, it was just the character being stuck).

Gardeners Grove community · Created a new topic Found a bug

The fir tree icon doesn't work (I can put it in the bar at the bottom, but then I can't plant anything with it), the next one in the big list (leftmost on the next row) plants a fir tree.

I haven't been able to play because I could never get past the "preface" text box :'( How do I close it and get to the game?

Why is your Mac build labeled as being for Linux?

I'm stuck at fixing the stencil, the "e" in "bitches" won't settle into place...

I'm stuck at "Clear the foliage..."

The Linux build works just fine :)

When I go outside (at least I suppose that's where I am...) the world is pitch black with the exception of some rpg-maker-style drawn elements and the word "GIF" flashing in a corner. Idk if that matters but I'm using the Linux build.

Great game! Also the Linux build works just fine.

This game is absolutely adorable!

Playing this game after the original feels amazing, like waking up in a cozy bedroom after a weird and upsetting dream. I loved Life is Strange but I wasn't sure I'd be playing it again with all the hard stuff in it. Now I think I will. An extra story that takes place a year later, with everyone alive and happy, makes the hard stuff a little less hard and adds a beautiful epilogue to the original game. The atmosphere is perfect, as are the characters. I'm looking forward to more playthroughs. Congrats!

This story is so cute and heart warming! :)

Thanks, I was always so focused on doing as much as possible in the limited amount of time, I didn't notice the timer could be paused.  Now I can actually play forever ;)

I love the game, could play it forever! It is fun and beautiful, and it brings attention to the many facets of our diverse community. If I may make a suggestion, how about a "chill"/"infinite" mode with no time limit?

There's a small bug in the new version (Linux build): it quits abruptly when I click "replay". The game is still playable but it has to be relaunched every time.

The Linux build works just fine. I can't figure out how to go to the secret garden (or even get out of the house), but that's another issue... However, from what I've seen so far, the game looks really nice and interesting :)

I loved the story, as well as the first one :) The characters in particular have just the right amount of being relatable (queer trans guy here so not exactly the same but still a lot in common), badass-ness and vulnerability, and that makes them positively adorable. And I liked the style of the art as well!

On a side note, there are error messages about images 'praça' and 'praçanoite' not found, and when the girls talk about the anime series that Fran likes there's a moment when the two character sprites are superposed on the right of the screen. But those are just minor bugs, and overall the game is excellent! Congrats!

This game is off to a very good start! I can't wait for future updates :)

The best things in life are mushroom-free ;) <3 <3 <3

Loved this game, as well as the previous one! Are you going to make a sequel? If so, I can't wait!

Also having friends like those three should be a basic human right, they're so sweet and caring :)

So I was going to start fighting the final battle, when this occurred:

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:
  File "game/battle_def.rpy", line 1320, in script
  File "game/battle_def.rpy", line 1388, in <module>
  File "game/engine/engine.rpy", line 301, in Start
  File "game/engine/engine.rpy", line 609, in RunBattle
  File "game/engine/engine.rpy", line 617, in RunBattleRound
  File "game/engine/engine-schema.rpy", line 258, in RunBattleRound
  File "game/engine/engine-schema.rpy", line 239, in RunFighterTurn
  File "game/engine/engine-fighters.rpy", line 651, in Act
  File "game/engine/engine-fighters.rpy", line 587, in PickSkill
  File "game/engine/engine-fighters.rpy", line 557, in GetSkillList
KeyError: 'Move'

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:
  File "game/battle_def.rpy", line 1320, in script
  File "/home/florian/.config/itch/apps/duael/DUAEL-1.7-linux/renpy/", line 756, in execute
    renpy.python.py_exec_bytecode(self.code.bytecode, self.hide,
  File "/home/florian/.config/itch/apps/duael/DUAEL-1.7-linux/renpy/", line 1382, in py_exec_bytecode
    exec bytecode in globals, locals
  File "game/battle_def.rpy", line 1388, in <module>
  File "game/engine/engine.rpy", line 301, in Start
  File "game/engine/engine.rpy", line 609, in RunBattle
  File "game/engine/engine.rpy", line 617, in RunBattleRound
  File "game/engine/engine-schema.rpy", line 258, in RunBattleRound
  File "game/engine/engine-schema.rpy", line 239, in RunFighterTurn
  File "game/engine/engine-fighters.rpy", line 651, in Act
  File "game/engine/engine-fighters.rpy", line 587, in PickSkill
  File "game/engine/engine-fighters.rpy", line 557, in GetSkillList
KeyError: 'Move'


Sous Linux, "l'application n'a rien trouvé à lancer"... Est-ce qu'il manquerait un fichier dans l'archive?

why is this game so fucking cute?? ;)

This comic is very relatable and inspiring. Thank you for sharing it, you made my day :)

Very informative, thank you for sharing this :)

Wow, this is so beautiful... Your poems are truly amazing, and the aesthetics of the game fits them just right. I'm in awe. Congrats :)

Thank you :)

You're right, the trackpad stops working when I hold the space bar in general, not just in Playscii. As for the picker, if I press the space bar and don't hold it, it disappears. Is there a way around that?

Your art is amazing, thank you for sharing it with the world <3