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Yes i use the spacebar.

I'm playing on a keyboard and mouse and whenever a mistress tells me to kneel and then stand back up i never really get the same height as i had prior do the different mistresses have canonical heights so i can get a rough idea of my height compared to their's?

If i'm not mistaken someone has asked it before and that it goes after the clock on the computer.

Every time I visit the Goddess I can't help but notice the wheel in the background and the slave spinning on it. Will that wheel have anything to do with the Goddess punishment in the future or is it just a background decoration?

Yes I do. I find it more humiliating in a way that you are so unsatisfying to your mistress that she need's to find a woman or futa since the man in question is incapable of pleasing her in the way she want's to be pleased.

When Angelica gets added properly to the game will there be a option for her bull to either be a man or futa?

I think Nega-yuki have a little bit of foot stuff but I don't remember what the dice need to land on to get it.

I could have sworn I read a while back somewhere on this forum about Furia being a futa but now I can't find it. Is it true or am i just loosing my mind?

Is there any plans for having the different doms be able to interact with each other and then the 2 of them dominate you together? or a specific room with either 2 sisters or a mother and her daughter or just 2 female lovers? (When i said mother and daughter i'm referring to a milf and her adult daughter situation)

I went through the task with Furia and had trouble understanding some of the words she said i had to google translate them since i don't speak any Spanish. When she gets voiced properly will she just speak with a Spanish accent or still say some words in Spanish?