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I love this! Its a bit of a bigger, fuller world than the overland travel stuff from Fearectory has, but it still works well with it's encounter rules. 

Quick questions on the encounter lists; What does scum refer to e.g. on a 1,2, or 3 in Tveland? A bent? And is there something specific you're referring to for the black knight and inquisitor or something to make up on the fly?

This is great. The stamina system, spellcasting and spirit form add that wonderful little bit extra to knit things into the setting. I tend to add a dice role houserule to the check for soul death, since I don't want players thinking they have X lives left, and don't want death to be predictable.

I'm sad to hear this is cancelled, since I loved the demo and the characters, and was pulled in by the events as they unfolded. I'll certainly be interested in future projects!

Very sorry to hear about catching covid. I hope you are on the mend.

OK, just booted it up from the folder to check and it launched just fine. It's odd, I've launched a bunch of UE stuff from itch just fine, including my own stuff. Not sure what's causing that.

Moonshot option: SteamVR is launching automatically when the game starts. This is default behavior for a UE project, but I wouldn't be surprised if something got stuck waiting for SteamVR to launch when it didn't need it. You can disable the SteamVR plugin on your project and it will stop that from happening.

I'll give that a shot. Thanks.

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Sure thing.

I'm running windows 10, and attempting to launch via Itch app.

I have an intel core i5-3570k, 24gb ram, and a Geforce GTX 1070.

Anything else you need?


This doesn't seem to launch correctly. Itch says its running, and CPU usage spikes, but otherwise I get nothing.

Yep fixed! Thanks!

Well the prequel was one of the highlights for me from the previous jam, and I really wanted to see the ideas you played with there expanded. I'm looking forward to playing this!


The pay page doesn't seem to be working properly here for some reason, so I owe you some.

I'm having install difficulties with the Itch Client. No version is selectable to install.

Fantastic. Slick, simple interface, great little story to discover, and the slow, ramping horror was subtle and effective. More!

There's some very neat ideas here. The odd, discomforting world full of even stranger inhabitants. While not outwardly threatening, they contribute to a sense of dread. I'd like to see more exploring strange areas and meeting strange things, especially like the one at the end, and less wiggly spikes. The player movement was good for atmosphere, but made any kind of obstacle traversal tedious. Other than that, it left me wanting to see more of this world!

I kept feeling like I could just make out what the shapes were in the distance, but the closer I got, the more fragmented they became. This was a very strange experience. It was amazing to see and hear, and it left me wanting to find more.

While the horror and setting elements didn't really work for me personally, there's some really neat visual effects here that are quite impressive. Short and sweet.

This absolutely wears its inspirations on its sleeve, and is an obvious love letter to the likes of Yume Nikki. I'm not personally a fan of getting stuck in the mazes, or wandering the empty areas, but this oozes style and quality. For the jam, that's doubly impressive.

This was great. It kept a constant feeling of threat and tension ramping up, where you weren't sure when something was going to happen. Even when you are explicitly told something bad is about to happen, it's still a curveball. The chase scene was perhaps a little too chaotic, and needed to guide the player's panic a little more, since game overs in this type of encounter kill the tension a bit. All said, nice work, and good fun.

I streamed it for some friends, and we kept trying to figure out what is going on. I genrerally dislike things that lean too heavily on the symbolic and metaphorical unless they are done well. In this case, I think it was, but I also think things were more literal than perhaps we realised at first. We went through a few theories:

-Some kind of noncorporeal transcendance (after the first couple of speakers)

-Allegory for leprocy (after your first encounter)

-Purgatory/Hell (after that one speaker lamented the lack of pain)

-Some kind of deep curse (after the speaker accused whoever did this)

I think I'm leaning towards a sort of purgatory type of thing. Our protagonist needs to shed thier regrets and accept thier fate in order to move on.

It was enjoyable, memorable, and made me think. So a success, I reckon.

Lovely artwork here, especially given the time constraints. I think a story with this kind of twist needs a longer time to get settled and build up for the reveal to have a solid impact, which is very difficult to do in a jam setting, but quite solid, nontheless.

Some neat ideas here. The audiovisual barrage comes a little close to untolerable, but does succeeed in creating a uniquely wierd atmosphere. The rules of the world are taught in a nice organic way too. I think I may have gotten stuck just beyond the rotating door, in the corridor with two exits. I couldn't figure out how to proceed. I would be interested to see where this goes.

A fun little perspective trick here. I would have liked to see a ramp up of intensity in some way as the scale of things became apparent, to give it more impact.

This is great. A bit of a slow burn, and a little predictable, but not cliched. Subtly introducing the player to mechanics they'd need later was clever, and the switch between fidelity levels paid off so well. It's darkly funny at times, too. There's a lot of things implied too, leading to a deeper unease. Great stuff, nice work!

Thanks! Earlier monster versions were even weirder, but I thought that was too much. Looking forward to trying your submission too!

Thank you! That sense of the unknown was definately what I was going for.

Thank you!

I'd like to update the game to add a few more things if I get the time.

Will do, thank you.

Masterful ramping up of tension.

This was excellent. Atmospheric, very slick and intuitive movement and mechanics, doesn't handhold you too much. The sense of being amongst something literaly and figuratively bigger than you was very strong.

Hello, I'm having an issue with trying to install the game, and unsupported compression algorythm on the zip, apparently. A friend tried and reported the same issue. This is with RR update 2.

Short and sweet, hugely atmospheric. I ended up overanalying it way too much. Nice job!