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Neither we were ready to work on it again, but as we grew we came back to work on the project again and we are completely glad we fixed and improved stuff. Plus the UI looks completely better and we are satisfied. We are more satisfied about your feedback!

Thank you for playing, and coming back Soldier!

Have Fun!

Thank you for returning back Soldier!

We are glad that you liked the reboot of TABVI! We've been working lot on the UI and we are completely satisfied with it too! Thank you for the feedback!

Have fun!

job well done

im impressed of what you did there! Great rework with Unity and also way more difficult than the original Geometry Dash (。ŏ_ŏ)

Hello in1tiate!

We are saddened by the fact you didnt enjoyed our Cookie Clicker.

Yes, cookie clicker is based off the original Cookie Clicker made by orteil. There are many many Maaaanyyy Cookie Clicker games! As result, we made our own one! It doesnt sound too exciting, as of now we are working on bigger projects of ours, and no, we never deleted any comments about Cookie Clicker as we appreciate any kind of feedback cause they describe the current condition of a game, and in this case, Cookie Clicker!

Thanks again for your time to give a feedback about the game!

Have a great day in1tiate!


The best comeback, the greatest album, production, soundings, mixings, and samplings. The concept is such a vibe 10/10

Great cant wait!

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hell yeah! Will there be achievements ?

Thank You, DimaLink:)!

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NO! We are!

Cookie Clicker UPGRADED to Game Of The TheSilentHouse's Studio Edition / GOTTY Edition.

The Page, The Experience of the game..EVERYTHING has changed and upgraded giving you a desired experience for the game (PC and Mobile). Check It Out!

Learn More & Get the Game:


Just like other album, its well produced with good samples, i'd say its underrated for reasons such as not good tracks as the previous albums.  but in my opinion tracks such as 822, N1tro, cont4ct, how it feels to be a robot  are underrated gems. Its getting repetitive real quick with tracks such as Loading.. underrated album. There are better albums by Had Funk tho. Cant wait for the next album. Let's hope we'll get something really cool and change theme..not techno again :)

Despite this album being underrated and mid. There are tracks such as piste de retour, High Pop Life, Rock 'N Roll, Face The Funk and Feel It. They bring a whole vibe and they are smooth.

This album has the most and the greatest tracks ever, this and Vol.1 Never gets old. Loved the album great work!

I love this track, the vocals, the lyrics, the vibe, the rhythm. Pure vibe

This is one of my favorite albums made by Had Funk. I firstly listened to it on youtube, now i can support them by buying it.

Welcome to itch!

Love it!

good stuff, keep us updated! Cant wait for the release

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Thanks! Already following you on instagram:)

I love your work, can you teach me how to expand my projects like that ? Great game btw good luck in the future!

I would really appreciate if you try my game:)

Dont forget to rate, and leave a feedback!

What a lovely and well made game. Bodhi n Friends gives me FNaF vibes but way different and thats great, fantastic work. I havent finished the demo yet (im stuck after i picked up the key from the lock xD) but even the demo feels like playing the full game, which i cant wait to see. Great work i'll be here to support you and Bodhi and lets not forget his Friends ;)

Thank YOU for making this game

Hey!! I've played your game and i loved it like a lot. I like how simple it feels like but its not haha. Had a great time playing it, i liked the achievement feature too! That was a hella good feature to add into such a project. Good start and good stuff, i give it a 7/10!

I've send you an email, check it!

Yep! I havent forgot about you.


Check the new update! :)

is there any way to restart after i die?

Thank you for playing, we are glad you liked the game! I agree, there should be a reset button in an upcoming update im planning on making soon. 

Thank you for playing and for your comment :)

Thank you for playing, we are glad you liked my small project and yes i agree, there should be a reset button in an upcoming update im planning on making soon, well unfortunately there wont be any new weapons, thats just a small project.

Thank you for playing, have a great day!

Have Fun.

I Love it, graphics, mechanics, sounds everything! great job