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the searching

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i really enjoyed this game , i think you did a outstanding job by representing how it feels to live with depression 

it was just perfect , good work 

thank you 

here is my video is you are interested of watching it :

reaally scared me a couple of times , really good creepy vibe going on

short and scary indie horror game

recommend it for trying it out 

here is my video recording bloodshot eyes recording

this game demo was really interesting , i enjoyed it alot

nice puzzles , i like puzzles like that

i also find it very cool that you have the option the chance the difulculty for the combat and riddles

looking forward to the full release !!!!!

here is my recording of the demo :

okay thanks ill try that later on tonight

hey Angry bunny i started playing the game but got already stuck at the moment where i have to put the wood in the fire , its seems that the controls dont seem to work

in the tutorial it said to use 1 / 2 / 3 left click

but i don't really understand

it just doesn't seem to work

and i would really want to play this game because it looks kinda fun to play from the beginning

wow this game really freaked me out alot 

that means it did his job well

really good job guys

this is my gameplay

wow the build up was crazy , short game but it was really worth it

would really recommend this game 

here is my gameplay , hope you guys enjoy it as much as i did

i played the demo and it was really , like really good the only issue i had was that i could not exit the game whatsoever , escape did not work , windowsbutton did not work , ... it could be on my end but please check it justr in case , besides that amazing demo