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Hey, I love these tilesets but I am running into an issue. The character sprite atlas doesn't look like it was formatted correctly and is not divisible by 16x16, so I can't easily split the sprite sheets. the image file is 927x656 so every app I use to split it into usable sheets bugs out. Is there a better way to do this than manually having to cut/paste each strip?

This is so cool! So well put together and I absolutely love you can use Lua. I've been looking for an engine exactly like this, I can't wait until I can work on this. The icing on the cake is it's available for the Raspberry Pi!

Thank you for making this! I hope this project continues. This really brings back what made minecraft great in the first place:

A game not owned by a multimillion-megacorp made by people who love it, supported by a community who loves to play and mod it.

I love this pack! Is there any HUD/GUI planned that would go with it?

This is fantastic! I absolutely love it. I do wish there was an executable version with fullscreen for easy of use, but it really is great.

is there any way for me to download this for offline use? I love it!