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I loved the creepy build-up in the game. I was literally waiting for a jumpscare the whole time.  

The gameplay starts at 00:17

A game about feeding your cat except it's cursed. 

The gameplay starts at 09:34

I really liked this game (except the spiders, obviously). The concept and atmosphere were really good.

The gameplay starts at 05:03

I wasn't expecting much from this game at first but it was really great. The atmosphere and the art style were amazing.

The gameplay starts at 08:53

Great game. I was kind of expecting more horror elements in the game ngl but it was still fun to play

The gameplay starts at 00:17

Bro this game really scared the living daylights out of me. The atmosphere and building up were well-done.

The gameplay starts at 05:30

I really enjoyed this game. The atmosphere spooked me and the chase scene was actually scary. I wish I could have got the good ending though


I just found this game and didn't know what to expect but it was so much better than i thought it'd be.

The gameplay starts at 10:07

This is literally my biggest fear in game format. I loved the atmosphere and how it builds up to that twist at the end. Great game

The gameplay starts at 00:16

Loved it. The mysteriousness made it scarier for me and I didn't expect the thing to chase you. 10/10

The gameplay starts at 03:18

I didn't expect this game to actually scare me. The build up to the jumpscare is what got me. 

Gameplay starts at 

Great game, I absolutely love the atmosphere and the build to that twist at the end.

Gameplay starts at 02:24

Short, sweet and scary. I loved it. 

Gameplay starts at 00:09

Scariest game on the entire internet😈😈

My gameplay starts at 00:23

No cap, this was genuinely one of the scariest game I've ever played. The sound design is too good.

My gameplay starts at 06:53

Great game! Loved the atmosphere and the build up to the twist at the end.

My gameplay starts at 02:29

I loved the progression from just doing my picking up garbage to figuring out what's going on in the town. The twist at the end was too good.

Why was this game so scary😭😭😭

I honestly didn't expect this game to actually jumpscare me so hard 😭. Great atmosphere and the build up really got me.

My gameplay starts at 00:19

Great game. I love the VHS effect and having to change frequencies to see monsters.

My gameplay starts at 09:34:

This was actually really scary. I loved the atmosphere and the build up. A jumpscare would have been perfect at the end :)

My gameplay starts at 04:33

I really enjoyed playing this game. FNAF is one of my favorite games and this gave me that vibe. Well done. 10/10


I didn't expect this game to spook me but it definitely did😅

The gameplay starts at 04:14

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I loved it but I hoped it would be longer. The VHS effect is perfect

The gameplay starts at 00:23

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Naah I genuinely got scared when I saw the name 😭😭😭 10/10

The gameplay starts at 06:24

Atmosphere, voice acting, pacing. Great game💯

My gameplay starts at 09:18

This game is definitely spooky and I wouldn't recommend making Mr.Tomatos mad 🙂

My gameplay starts at 05:22

I love the art style of the game  and the game's atmosphere was well done.

My gameplay is at 00:25 

I just played this game and my only complaint is that it's too short. Great atmosphere

I love how it slowly gets more and more scary. Great game

This is a very informative game about literally just doing your taxes. Nothing else. 🙂


This game actually scared me ngl 😅 I wish it was longer though.

First time playing this game in years and it's still as scary as I remembered 😭😭

I absolutely love this game. It's short, unnerving, has a great style and there is some lore to it as well. 10/10